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Frameless Aluminum Sliding System

We manufacture and install frameless aluminum sliding systems for gazebos, terraces, balconies or other outdoor or home spaces. These systems are designed for unheated or minimally insulated rooms. The frameless sliding system can be produced with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 rails. The number of shutters (sliding windows) is from two to ten, depending on the size of the terrace and the customer’s wishes.

Why Choose a Frameless System?

  • Frameless glasses will protect against rain, wind, dust or other elements, and will extend the service life of your terrace in autumn, spring or even winter;
  • The frameless system lets in the maximum amount of sunlight, thus increasing the comfort in the glazed room;
  • The minimalist design of this system is easily adapted to modern architecture and design;
  • Because this frameless system uses 8mm or 10mm tempered glass, it is extremely strong, so we can make sliding windows up to 3100mm high and 1500mm wide.
Beremis stiklinimas Kauno rajone

Standard profile color options are:

  • Anthracitas (RAL7016);
  • Dark brown (RAL8019);

For additional cost, we can paint the profiles in your desired color.


The most common problem with a frameless glazing system that makes people decide not to choose this system is the gaps that are left when the glass is interchanged.

In the frameless glazing system we manufacture, you have the freedom to choose whether you want a full panoramic view or prefer tightness.

We even have two options for sealing between the glasses. The first option is a smaller profile with a brush that will be barely visible and still allow you to enjoy the pleasures of frameless glazing. The second option is a double profile with a hook and even 4 brushes that ensure tightness in this system.

Glass options

8mm or 10mm tempered glass can be used for this system.

The glass can also be tinted with a brown or gray shade, decorative, selective or even frosted.

If you are still planning to install a terrace or gazebo, we invite you to take a look at the already available aluminum systems at a lower than market price. You can find them in our online store by clicking on the link below.

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