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Horizontal Glazing

Our latest products allow you to create modern and stylish spaces – we present horizontal or otherwise known as guillotine glazing! The automated horizontal glazing system will provide the maximum feeling of luxury and comfort.

This system has the highest level of resistance to outdoor conditions.

Contact us and we will make sure that the horizontal glazing of your terrace goes as smoothly as possible!

Terasos stiklinimas, berėmė stiklinimo sistema

Horizontal glazing for your home or commercial outdoor space!

We manufacture and install horizontal or otherwise called guillotine terrace shuttering systems with automated opening/closing. These systems are designed for unheated or minimally insulated rooms. Horizontal glazing can consist of 2, 3 or 4 sashes, depending on the size of the opening and the customer’s wishes. The lower leaf is stationary. When lowered, this system acts as a railing, making this system perfect for balconies or other spaces above.

Why is horizontal glazing necessary for you?

  • Horizontal glazing performs the function of railing and full glazing in one;
  • The horizontal system lets in the maximum amount of sunlight, thus increasing comfort in the glazed room;
  • The minimalist design of this system is easily adapted to modern architecture and design;
  • Since we can use up to 4 panels for this system, it is possible to make this system even up to 4 meters long and 4 meters high;
  • This system is controlled by remote control and can connect up to 5 systems;
    EPDM gaskets and brushes ensure tightness.
Horizontalus stiklinimas, Giljotina


Aluminum construction is an exceptional choice for patio glazing for many reasons. First, aluminum construction is lightweight yet very strong, ensuring durability and safety for your patio. This is important because patio glass often requires a strong and stable structure that can support the weight and actions of the glass.

Second, the aluminum construction is resistant to corrosion and other atmospheric factors, making it perfect for outdoor use. This means that your terrace glazing will remain unchanged and aesthetically appealing for a long time, without any maintenance requirement.

In addition, the aluminum structure is very flexible and adaptable, allowing you to create unique and individual terrace design ideas. This means that you can choose any size, shape or style for your terrace, and the aluminum structure will easily realize it.

Another advantage is that the installation of the aluminum structure is quick and easy, so your patio glazing project can be implemented with minimal effort and quickly, without causing major disruptions to your daily routine.

By reducing risk, maintaining durability and providing great design flexibility, aluminum construction is the ideal choice for your patio glazing, allowing you to enjoy comfort and preserve style for a long time.

Standard profile colors used for this system are:

  • Anthracite (RAL7016);
  • Dark brown (RAL8019);

For an additional fee, it is always possible to paint the profiles in the color of your choice.


8mm or 10mm tempered glass can be used for this system.

The glass can also be tinted with a brown or gray shade, decorative, selective or even frosted.

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