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Aluminum Terrace Roofs

The canopies produced by us from a strong construction of aluminum profiles are characterized by high quality and durability, which can be confirmed by more than one customer who has visited the company during its 15 years of existence.


Aluminum canopies are usually used for terraces near houses to protect themselves from rain, wind or sun. However, they can also be adapted to other various needs. For example, an aluminum carport can be used as a carport or bicycle carport to protect the car from external influences.


Unlike wooden sheds, aluminum sheds practically do not wear out. Durable aluminum profiles are used for production. The structure withstands both heavy snow in winter and strong winds in autumn, so it is really durable. In addition, an integrated rainwater collection system is installed in the shed.



Canopies can be glazed with stationary showcases or sliding frameless or frameless systems. In this way, the so-called winter garden or veranda is created, because with full glazing you completely hide from external influences (rain, snow, wind). Having a fully glazed terrace will extend the season of its use, and with the installation of a heater you can use it all year round.


We provide installation services in Western Lithuania, but you will also receive detailed installation instructions with the final product. We provide a 5-year guarantee for the work!

Linartai stoginė, terasos stiklinimas

Standard profile colors used are:

  • Anthracite (RAL7016);
  • Light brown (RAL8017);
  • Dark brown (RAL8019);
  • Anodized.

There is a possibiity to paint the profiles in any color from RAL pallete for extra charge.

Choice of coating

You can choose between two roof coverings: polycarbonate and tempered glass.

Polycarbonate is an extremely strong and transparent plastic that is impact resistant. You can choose transparent, bronze (brown) or white coating. Serves up to 18 years.

The tempered glass is coated with dirt and rain-resistant material, so it stays clean and transparent for longer. Due to the long tanning time (up to 30 years), it is extremely popular among customers. You can choose from clear or tinted (grey/brown) glass.

What should you know before buying an aluminum canopy roof?

Preparation of the roof base

The roof columns must stand on a solid foundation so that it does not start to move over time. Concrete piles are perfect for this. The shed can be built on an already built terrace, but it should be ensured that it will not move significantly.

Preparation of the roof support

No special preparation is needed to attach the canopy to the wall, the canopy can be attached to a brick, wooden, or plastered facade. When installing to a plastered facade, the thickness of the existing insulation layer should be assessed.

Drainage of rainwater

A downspout from the water collection system will be installed in one of the selected columns, so you should think about or even prepare water drainage for the further direction of rainwater.

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