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Canopy Roofs

We manufacture and install canopy roofs for the house, terrace, gazebo, car or other needs. This is a long-lasting solution for your home.

Our canopy roofs made out of solid aluminum profiles are characterized by high quality and durability, which can be confirmed by many customers who have installed our canopy roofs during the 15 years of the company’s operations.


We use durable aluminum profiles for production. The construction withstands both heavy snowfall in winter and strong winds in the fall, making it truly durable. In addition, the roof is equipped with an integrated rainwater collection system.

Choosing the Cover

You can choose from two roof coverings: polycarbonate and tempered glass.

Polycarbonate is an extremely strong and transparent, impact-resistant plastic. You can choose a transparent, bronze (brown) or white coating. Lasts for up to 18 years.

Tempered glass is covered with a dirt and rain resistant material, which keeps it clean and transparent for longer. Due to the long time of use (up to 30 years) it is extremely popular among customers. You can choose from clear or tinted (gray/brown) glass.


We provide installation services in Western Lithuania, but you will also receive detailed installation instructions with the final product. We provide a 5 year warranty for the installation work!