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Greenhouse “KLASIKA TUBE”

Economical, easy and quick to assemble, but high-quality greenhouses.
  Advantages of the KLASIKA TUBE greenhouse: 4 mm or 6 mm are covered. high-quality channel polycarbonate coating, which guarantees extreme durability; Frame made of galvanized tubular profile 20 x 20 x 1 mm; Assembled with M5 screws. using the “KRAB” system (two-pronged, three-pronged, four-pronged); Distances between arches ~ 67 cm; Each arch is dug into the ground ~ 30 cm; Base base 10 cm high, with a stiffening edge; It has vents that can be opened on both ends; depending on your needs, it can be 4, 6, 8 meters (the greenhouse is extended by 2 meters); The width of the greenhouse is 3.00 m, the height is 2.18 m   The KLASIKA TUBE greenhouse includes: Strong 1 mm thick galvanized, tube-shaped 20×20 mm profiles; Strong 100 mm wide foundation base with a stiffening edge; All necessary fastening elements – screws, gaskets; Polycarbonate – 10-year warranty* (read below about warranty conditions); The door is made of two hinged parts at the front, and there is a vent at the back of the greenhouse Easy to assemble; The main differences from similar greenhouses currently available: First of all, it is the KLASIKA TUBE arched greenhouse of the highest quality, assembled and manufactured in Lithuania; Galvanized metal profiles – even 20% thicker – 1 mm thick; A wide galvanized 1 mm thick, 100 mm high foundation base is added for reinforcement, thanks to which the polycarbonate cover has no contact with the ground. The frame is assembled from separate parts. No boils, no rust! Each profile of the greenhouse is dug into the ground ~ 35 cm; Easy to assemble. Detailed installation instructions are provided; A quality European one is used – optional 4mm. or 6 mm. thick polycarbonate, which is given 10m. warranty*; The support area of the greenhouse coating is continuous both through the arches and through the crossbars, while in analogous greenhouses the coating is placed only on the arches; Assembly uses M5 bolts and nuts instead of M3; There is no need to choose or otherwise prepare for winter, just close the windows and doors; These are strong, long-lasting greenhouses that help you get a generous and organic harvest.