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Plastic, Aluminum Window Repair, Replacement of Worn Gaskets

Over time, the installed window is affected by many different external factors, such as heat, cold, wind, the window slightly “lowers”, the smooth operation of the window mechanism is disrupted. As a result, there might be difficulties in turning the handle, cracking, jamming of the closing mechanism, poor window airtightness, drafts. Another cause of failures is poor installation.

We replace worn window gaskets and broken glass, lubricate fittings, adjust them accordingly.

Q-LON gaskets – tested, reliable, durable

  • Highly elastic material retains its shape for a long time, easily recovers at low temperatures (temperature range – + 70° C to -50° C)
  • Resistance to heavy rain – no leakage at 60 Pa wind pressure
  • Longevity – stays in place for 21 years
  • The surface remains intact after more than 285,000 friction cycles
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays – no fading
  • Good sound isolation
  • The linear dimensions do not change by less than 0.5% due to temperature changes
  • Gasket surfaces are easy to clean – it withstands a variety of cleaning agents, including solvents